Dog License

Dog Licensing

If you are keeping a dog or dogs in the Village of Genoa City, you are required to get a dog license each year. Dog Licenses expire on December 31 of each year. The owner of  a dog shall have the dog vaccinated against rabies by a veterinarian at no later than 5 months of age. If an owner purchases a new dog or brings a dog into this state after the dog reached 5 months of age, the owner shall have the dog vaccinated against rabies within 30 days (unless dog has already been vaccinated at previous location)  Dog Licenses are available at the Village Hall. A current Certificate of Rabies Vaccination is required when licensing your dog. 

Animal Regulations:  
No family shall own, harbor or keep in its possession more than three (3) dogs on any residential lot without the prior approval of the Village Board, except that a litter of pups or a portion of a litter may be kept for not more than 10 weeks from birth.  If more than one family resides on a residential lot, than only two dogs shall be allowed on the residential lot unless prior approval is obtained from the Village Board.