Tax Payments and Information

You can now pay your property taxes through Walworth County Ascent Land Records. Click link below:…


Below are instructions on how to pay online:

  1. Once you click on the link, you will need to select your municipality (Village of Genoa City) and search by your Parcel ID or Street Number or Street Name (enter name only, omit st. dr. etc..) or by last name and/or first name. Choose only ONE of the options. DO NOT enter more than ONE option for your search or your information will not come up
  2. Once you find your property, click on the red parcel number which will link to your property details. 
  3. Once your Tax Information loads, scroll towards the bottom until you reach the Red Pay Taxes button. Click the Pay Taxes button. 
  4. The Shopping Cart will open. If you have multiple parcels with the same mailing address, you can add them by clicking "Add to Cart" If you have additional parcels with different mailing address, click "Add Additional Parcels" (this will bring you back to step 1). ♦ IMPORTANT: THE SHOPPING CART WILL GENERATE THE TOTAL AMOUNT DUE. IF YOU WISH TO PAY ONLY YOUR FIRST INSTALLMENT OR A PORTION OF YOUR TAX PAYMENT, CHANGE THE AMOUNT IN THE BOX. 
  5. When you are all set to pay, Click the Pay button. A pop-up notice will alert you stating: You are now leaving the Walworth County, Wisconsin web site. If you continue,your payment will be completed as authorized by Walworth County (click ok). If you cancel, you will be returned to the shopping cart.
  6. After clicking ok, Select a payment method: credit/debit card or e-check Fees: credit/debit = 2.65% on total amount processed. ($10 credit card chargeback fee for declined payments)  E-check = $0.80 per transaction ($15 NSF fee)
  7. Enter billing information and click Submit Payment.
  8. Your pending receipt will open. You can download or print for your records. 

Other Payment Options:

  • By Mail: 1st installments and full payments made before January 31 can be mailed to: 
                                                                                             Genoa City Village Treasurer
                                                                                             PO Box 428
                                                                                             Genoa City, WI 53128
  • In Person: Please leave ALL payments in the drop boxes available on site.  The Village Treasurer's office is accepting personal check, cashier's check, and money order payments in the drop boxes. (We will accept cash payments at the counter.) 

All payments made after January 31 of each year need to be mailed to Walworth County or pay online: 

                                                                                              Walworth County Treasurer
                                                                                              100 W Walworth ♦ PO BOX 1001
                                                                                              Elkhorn, WI 53121
How to get a receipt:

If you need a receipt for your tax payment, you have 3 options:

By mail: If you would like a receipt mailed to you, you will need to include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your payment. 

By email: If you would like a receipt emailed to you, you will need to write your email address (CORRECTLY AND LEGIBLY) on the payment ticket.

Online: If you click on the link for the Walworth County Treasurer's website above, you can download and/or print your receipt.


Are you taking advantage of any tax credits available to you?

There are currently 3 credits available for property taxes:

1st Dollar Credit: This is available to all property owners and is automatically applied

School Levy Credit: This is available to all property owners and is automatically applied

Lottery & Gaming Credit: This is available to property owners who use the home as their primary residence as of the 1st of January of the tax year in question and needs to be applied for.

Click here for more information on Lottery & Gaming Credit 

If the mailing address on your tax bill is incorrect, please contact Sue Finster at 262-741-4251 or email: sfinster [at]